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Arbitration – Friend or Foe

Arbitration is an increasingly common alternative to traditional resolution of business disputes in state and federal courts.  Most sophisticated businesses have used or experienced contracts with arbitration clauses at some point in the past.  In several industries, such as Financial/Brokerage relationships, arbitration clauses have become prevalent. 

A Little Secret About Trade Secrets

A business commonly has all sorts of valuable assets. Most businesses have some combination of assets such as real estate, equipment, inventory, cash, receivables and patents just to name a few. One class of assets that can be misunderstood, if not entirely overlooked, are the Trade

Building a Better Owner – Learn to Love Lien Waivers

Remarkably, Lien Waivers continue to be among the most overlooked construction project documents. For a Developer and property Owner, the purpose of the Lien Waiver is clear: to ensure Contractors are paid so as to reduce the risk of liens on the property. The Lien


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