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Arbitration – Friend or Foe

Arbitration is an increasingly common alternative to traditional resolution of business disputes in state and federal courts.  Most sophisticated businesses have used or experienced contracts

A Little Secret About Trade Secrets

A business commonly has all sorts of valuable assets. Most businesses have some combination of assets such as real estate, equipment, inventory, cash, receivables and patents

Is Your Employee Policy Dead?

What better time than now to see if there are dead, useless or even dangerous provisions lurking in your Employee Policy?  Business owners and executives already know

The Simplicity of an Investment Fraud

How does an investment or business fraud actually happen?  How is it discovered?  Sometimes, in fact many times, the fraud is remarkably simple and direct.

Is Non-Compete Worth It?

By now, most business people are coming to realize that Texas courts regularly enforce non-compete agreements. Assuming the non-compete has reasonable limits, such as to time



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